faith & adrian’s wedding

The main reason why we traveled to Seattle and Vancouver was for Faith and Adrian’s wedding. The wedding was held in Seattle. (The Vancouver part was just us being selfish and taking advantage of being in the Pacific Northwest.) Watching Faith get married made me want to tear a bit.. happy tears, that is. She’s such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I felt like I was watching my younger sister get married. I wish Faith and Adrian a long and happy married life.

^^The happy newlyweds! Congrats, Faith & Adrian! (:

^^We had some time to spare between the ceremony and the reception. And guess what was near the church? Molly Moon’s Ice Cream! I think all the wedding guests walked over to the ice cream parlor. Boyfriend looked so dapper that day that I couldn’t stop taking paparazzi shots of him.
^^So many unique flavors! Earl grey was my favorite. In fact, I’m craving some right now. We need a Molly Moon’s on the east coast! STAT!
^^They make their own waffle cones!

^^Guess what else was a 5-minute walk from the church? Kerry Park! I had my waffle cone with a scoop of strawberry balsamic and earl grey, a stunning view of downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier, boyfriend by my side… It just can’t get better than that.

^^I tried taking candids of him, but he looks like he’s posing in every picture. He probably was…

^^The reception was at a boathouse and we had cocktail hour on the platform over the water. After we went upstairs for dinner, the ducks came up on the platform to play.

^^We wanted to take one last picture of us all dressed up before we changed to get ready for bed. Self-timers FTW!

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