daisies make me happy


Mochi would not stop barking this morning until I finally got up to take him for his morning walk. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so I got to enjoy some of that while walking him. There’s this other maltese, Snuffy, that lives at the end of our block that Mochi really gets along with. They’re always sniffing each other’s butts and what not when they see each other. Well, this morning we were passing by Snuffy’s house, which has the prettiest little daisies planted in their front yard, and Mochi suddenly runs up to the fence on the side of the house. It turns out that Snuffy was out in the backyard, saw us walking by, and came to peak under the fence to see Mochi. At first, Mochi didn’t realize that Snuffy was peaking his head through the bottom of the fence. He just kept whimpering and looking back at me, then staring at the white fence. I had to point to out Mochi to look underneath the fence. Mochi finally spotted him, ran up to sniff each other, and they just whimpered together. It was seriously one of the most adorable things I’ve seen. It was like.. forbidden dog love or something.

*On a side note: I’ll be leaving for my Seattle + Vancouver trip tomorrow, so if anyone has any recommendations on places to eat and/or visit, feel free to leave your suggestions below!