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Apparently, it doesn’t get dark in the Pacific Northwest until like 10 pm in the summertime. It was great for us since we got to spend longer days outside. We spent the first day of our trip in Tacoma. Mainly, I wanted to see the Museum of Glass and the Bridge of Glass by Chihuly.

green guy
^^They had a workshop where the kids drew characters from their imagination and the glass blowers would make them. This one was my favorite (:
^^It’s all made of glass!

I loved how the entire town seemed to be influenced by glass work. Even the hotel we stayed at had each floor dedicated to an artist.

After admiring all the glass work, we went to grab dinner at Pacific Grill. Started off with some fresh oysters…

^^Ahi Tuna Tartare | Hawaiian tuna, sweet onion, crushed avocado, house-pickled beets, ginger lime vinaigrette, & rice crackers.
^^Boyfriend got Stan the Man’s Killer Clam Linguini | steamed manila clams, pancetta, white wine, fingerling potatoes, italian parsley & garlic breadcrumbs.
^^I went with the Weathervane Scallops | sautéed fresh Alaskan scallops, cauliflower gratin with prosciutto, spanish manchego cheese, smoked almonds, arugula & jalapeño lemon butter.
^^And to finish off our meal, we shared the lemon lavender crème brûlée with lemon cookies.

I’ll post up more pictures from our Seattle/Vancouver trip over the next couple of days. Until the next post! (:

daisies make me happy


Mochi would not stop barking this morning until I finally got up to take him for his morning walk. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so I got to enjoy some of that while walking him. There’s this other maltese, Snuffy, that lives at the end of our block that Mochi really gets along with. They’re always sniffing each other’s butts and what not when they see each other. Well, this morning we were passing by Snuffy’s house, which has the prettiest little daisies planted in their front yard, and Mochi suddenly runs up to the fence on the side of the house. It turns out that Snuffy was out in the backyard, saw us walking by, and came to peak under the fence to see Mochi. At first, Mochi didn’t realize that Snuffy was peaking his head through the bottom of the fence. He just kept whimpering and looking back at me, then staring at the white fence. I had to point to out Mochi to look underneath the fence. Mochi finally spotted him, ran up to sniff each other, and they just whimpered together. It was seriously one of the most adorable things I’ve seen. It was like.. forbidden dog love or something.

*On a side note: I’ll be leaving for my Seattle + Vancouver trip tomorrow, so if anyone has any recommendations on places to eat and/or visit, feel free to leave your suggestions below!

dc weekend trip: part 2

founding farmers
founding farmers_2

Because it was Easter weekend when we went to DC, almost all of the restaurants were fully booked. Luckily, boyfriend was able to make brunch reservations for Saturday at Founding Farmers. (The waiters/waitresses were dressed like farmers in plaid shirts. Very cute.) Our waitress suggested that we order the beignets, which I was afraid would be too much but I read some Yelp reviewers raving about them so I had to get them. And my goodness, they were heavenly awesome. The outside was perfectly crisp and deep-fried, the inside was light and airy. (I posted a picture of them on Instagram.) They went perfectly with our lattes. Thinking about them makes me want some now.

white house_2
white house

We strolled over to the White House before getting on the Metro to go to Capitol Hill/Eastern Market. There were a lot of people in front of the gate, probably hoping for a glimpse of President Obama or anyone in the First Family. No such luck, people!

capitol hill houses
eastern market_2
eastern market
eastern market_3
eastern market_4
pitango gelato

Our friend, Jenny, recommended Market Lunch for their pancakes on Saturdays. She warned me that there would be a long wait but we wanted to check out Eastern Market anyways so we headed on over. Sadly, we didn’t even make it in time for brunch and there was a super long line of people waiting for lunch. So we strolled around Eastern Market, taste testing the fresh fruits and homemade jams. Then we found a Pitango gelato around the corner, and that made everything a whole lot better. Maybe we’ll get to try Market Lunch pancakes next year (: