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life lately, according to my iphone

Oftentimes, I take photos with my iPhone with the intention of posting them at one point or another and then my procrastination gets the best of me. And then there’s also my short term memory (or lack thereof). I was scrolling through my phone today and saw some pictures that never made it to the blog, so I thought I’d post them before I forget again.

audrey's concerto
^^There’s this new dessert place called Audrey’s Concerto that opened up in Bensonhurst. Boyfriend and I have been loving their fresh basil w/pineapple juice & honey iced drink and any of their mousse cups that have passion fruit in it. Love it! I already hinted to boyfriend (more like requested..) that I want my birthday cake to be from Audrey’s this year.

^^Boyfriend has never been to Ikea before. (I know, shocking!) So, we went on a cheap date to Ikea. And yes, we had their meatballs. It’s supposed to be horsemeat-free now..

magnolia blossoms
^^I still can’t get over how beautiful the magnolia blossoms were in DC. And yes, I still want one in front of my future home.

mochi's toys
^^Mochi likes to gather his toys on the window ledge..

mochi's frozen yogurt snack
^^I know I shared some photos of Mochi enjoying his frozen yogurt snack in my earlier post but I think this picture I took with my iPhone really shows how much he enjoyed it. (He’s got his crazy eyes going.)

mochi's walk
^^It was a beautiful spring day so I took Mochi out for a walk. We bumped into some other dogs on our walk and they did their usual butt sniffing. Can you tell how excited he was to be outside?

king and mochi
^^Boyfriend was tired so he was taking a nap on my bed when Mochi decided to go wake him up. He succeeded.

frozen yogurt kind of day

for Mochi, that is.

frozen yogurt kind of day
frozen yogurt kind of day_2
frozen yogurt kind of day_3

I stopped by the pet store to pick up some food for Mochi, and they got this new little freezer section in front of their counter with Bosco and Roxy’s frozen yogurts for dogs. Mochi really enjoyed his Pooch-ini frozen dog treat from Shake Shack last time so I figured he might like this one, too. And what do you know, he turned into “Crazy Mochi” and stuck his face into the little push tube.

frozen yogurt kind of day_4

^^We took it away from him after a while since we didn’t want him to have too much at once. He wasn’t too happy about that.

mochi sandwich

mochi sandwich

The weather’s been getting warmer so over the weekend, boyfriend and I took Mochi out to the park. We figured he’d like some fresh air for longer than just a walk around the block. And of course, he decided to run around on all the dirt and grass he can get his little paws on. By the time we got home and washed him, he was pretty tired. He lied down between us on the couch as we watched TV, like a little child who wants his parents’ attention.

As I always say, Mochi is quite possibly the most loving and overly affectionate dog that I’ve ever seen. I step out for 5 minutes and he’ll act like he hasn’t seen me in 5 days when I come back. He sleeps on my pillow right next to me at night. When he’s lying next to me, he always has to be snuggling next to me. When I leave the house, he gives me the saddest looking puppy eyes ever with a little head tilt to make me feel even worse. Which is usually followed by running over to the window and barking/whimpering as he sees me walking away from the house. Boyfriend and I say that he’s like a little baby. But regardless, he’s our little baby. And we love him. (: