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new obsession: pinterest!


Okay, so Pinterest has been around for quite some time now. I admit that I’m a tad late to jump on the bandwagon but I’ve just recently discovered my latest obsession.

I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about until one day, I was googling (yes, I use Google as a verb) for some ideas on garden weddings and one of the top links was a Pinterest link. And that’s where it all spiraled out of control… I’m currently at 11 boards and 700+ pins and counting. From wedding ideas and home d├ęcor to DIY and cooking/baking boards, there’s just so many ideas and inspiration for things I want to do in the future! And can I just say that I am in love with mason jars? Who knew there were so many uses for them and so many different way to decorate them? Love!

So, what do you guys have on your Pinterest boards? Feel free to share your links and browse through my PINTEREST as well. Happy pinning! (:

while my guitar gently weeps

Yes, I’m sorry, I’ve neglected my blog for over a week. Last week was a long work week for me. Boyfriend pointed out today that over the past 9 days, I’ve work 7 of those 9 days. Each day being 12+ hour shifts. You know what else I’ve neglected? My guitar. Didn’t know I had a guitar, did you? I bought it last summer after Jenny bought hers (and I had a sudden urge to learn the guitar, too). Well, that urge was pretty short-lived. My cousins from Korea came to stay with us during that summer for 2 months. Those little kids were.. wild, to say the least. The younger one ended up turning one of the pegs too much and one of the strings snapped. I was too lazy to figure out how to replace it, so my guitar was stored away into the corner of the room. Until last week, when I finally decided it was time to resuscitate my guitar. Poor thing was gathering too much dust..

^^You can still see the string that I didn’t cut off at the end.. HEHE

My goal for the summer? To practice for at least 10 minutes every day (even after my long work days) and hopefully, I’ll be able to play an easy beginner’s song by the end of the summer.

smog city, i mean city of angels..

hollywood sign

I hope everyone remembered to fast forward their clocks last night! I hate the fact that I lost an hour of sleep (or more like 4 hours for me since I’m still feeling jet-lagged). I felt like I didn’t sleep at all last night. The thought of having to go back to work was haunting me. But I’ll admit, it is nice to see some daylight at “6 pm.”

Boyfriend and I went up to the Griffith Observatory when we were in LA. The view was spectacular. One problem: the smog. It clouded the view of the city below. Such a shame.

hollywood sign
griffith observatory
griffith observatory
griffith observatory

^^ They had an aesthetic periodic table of elements that can be lit up according to their periods and groups. Where are all my nerds at!?

I’m so sorry if you’re tired of all my California blog posts! I tried to take as many pictures as possible during the trip. Boyfriend doesn’t like to snap too many photos so I do most of the picture-taking. I guess he prefers snapping images with his eyes and storing them in his memories. But I made a promise to myself to document my life on this blog of mine. And to share it with everyone who’s interested (:

a new home

Hello, everyone! I know, I’ve been MIA for a long time. I haven’t abandoned my blog. I was actually working on moving my blog from blogger to wordpress and it took me a little while to figure out how to work with all the plugins and widgets of the wordpress world. But, I figured most of it out. (I think..) And ta-da! Here is the new home of my blog!

And if you’ve noticed, I’ve changed the blog name from ‘hey, say kimchi’ to ‘love, yooms’. Figured it’s shorter and it’ll be easier to remember. Originally, I wanted to go with ‘you + me’ but that domain name was taken already by some match-making or wedding planning company. Go figure.

I’ll be going on vacation to LA + SF next week so I really wanted to get this blog up and running before I left. I’ve spent most of my time after coming home from a 12-hour shift working on this, so I do hope you guys enjoy it. And don’t forget to “like” the posts after reading if you do. Or leave a comment.. or subscribe by e-mail.. You get the gist. Until the next post!