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goodbye wisdom teeth, hello new skin care products!

Let’s take a little break from photos of our Seattle + Vancouver trip. You may have seen on my Facebook status that I was getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday. Surprisingly, the oral surgery went very well.

A whole lot of people were telling me horror stories about their experience and I was getting really freaked out. I hope I’m not jinxing myself but I haven’t felt any pain so far. My appointment was at 10:15 am. They took some x-rays, gave me general anesthesia, and I knocked out. Next thing I know, I’m in the car with bloody gauze pads in my mouth. And then I knocked out again. Apparently, my mother took pictures of me while I was out. What a wonderful mother I have…

I honestly don’t remember much from that day. My mom said I acted like I was drunk after the oral surgery. She said I kept asking her the same questions over and over again. And I was hiccuping for almost an hour? I vaguely remember that. Supposedly, I pulled out my credit card to pay for the procedure and at the pharmacy when picking up my pain killer and antibiotic. No recollection of that whatsoever.

The bleeding didn’t subside until 6 pm. I didn’t feel any pain or swelling then either but I took my pain medicine and used an ice pack, just in case. The only thing I really suffered from that day was hunger. My goodness, I went to sleep thinking of all the different foods I wanted to eat that night. I can’t wait to eat a good Shake Shack burger and fries when I can eat solid food!

Okay, so enough ranting about my oral surgery. The day before I went for my extraction, I went to go buy some skin care products with my mom. I never really upgraded from my days of the simple cleanser, toner, and lotion routine. Now that I’m in my mid-twenties and after talking to my friends, I’ve realized that I need to start taking better care of my face before it’s too late. My aunt in Korea bought me a SK-II skin care set that I never even used. (Korean people are crazy when it comes to keeping their face looking young and fresh. They have all these different lines of skin care products.) I decided to try out the Laneige Essential Care Trial Set. (I accidentally bought the Moisture set which is for dry to normal skin when I need the Light set since I have combination to oily skin. I’ll be going back tomorrow for an exchange.)

^^It comes in a cute little travel size package. I haven’t tried it out yet since I’m waiting to go exchange it for the Light set. But I’ve read some good reviews on the Water Sleeping Pack product so I can’t wait to test it out. I sent over the same set to my sister in Pittsburgh as part of her 21st birthday gift. First thing she said was, “This looks intense.” Gotta start early, sister. Don’t wait til you’re 25 like me.

^^Also picked up some samples with my purchase. Always ask for samples, ladies! I received a cleansing kit from IOPE, which includes a cleansing cream, cleansing foam, and a peeling gel. The cleansing cream is supposed to help remove make-up but I tried using it and it didn’t work very well. I got the panda eyes look after trying to remove my mascara. I prefer using the Bioderma product to remove eye make-up (or any type of water-resistant make-up for that matter), which I’ll mention below. The round blue sponge on the right is to help wash your face. You know when you’re washing your face and you still feel the soap on your skin? Yeah, the sponge makes it easier and quicker to remove all that.

Next up, I bought some face masks since they were 10 for $10. Got 5 for myself and 5 for the sister.
^^Oh, Bioderma. I fell in love with this product after a make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge, mentioned it in one of her YouTube videos. She actually mentions this product in a couple of her videos. And I can see why she loves it. (I can listen to her talk all day long. Gotta love the British accent.) I really don’t like using those make-up removing oils because they leave that oily residue afterwards and it’s difficult to wash it off. This Bioderma cleanser leaves your skin feeling so clean and light and it removes even the most waterproof/water-resistant make-up in a couple of swipes. And it’s not oily at all. It looks like water actually. I just dab some product onto a cotton swab and gently go over my eyelids downward to grab all the mascara off, then under my eyes. Absolutely love this product. I should stock up on this if I go to Paris again.

Well, I think my pain killer is starting to make me a bit drowsy. Or maybe it’s because it’s past 2 am. I should get some sleep. I’ll continue posting more pictures from our trip in the following posts. Until next time! (:

faith & adrian’s wedding

The main reason why we traveled to Seattle and Vancouver was for Faith and Adrian’s wedding. The wedding was held in Seattle. (The Vancouver part was just us being selfish and taking advantage of being in the Pacific Northwest.) Watching Faith get married made me want to tear a bit.. happy tears, that is. She’s such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I felt like I was watching my younger sister get married. I wish Faith and Adrian a long and happy married life.

^^The happy newlyweds! Congrats, Faith & Adrian! (:

^^We had some time to spare between the ceremony and the reception. And guess what was near the church? Molly Moon’s Ice Cream! I think all the wedding guests walked over to the ice cream parlor. Boyfriend looked so dapper that day that I couldn’t stop taking paparazzi shots of him.
^^So many unique flavors! Earl grey was my favorite. In fact, I’m craving some right now. We need a Molly Moon’s on the east coast! STAT!
^^They make their own waffle cones!

^^Guess what else was a 5-minute walk from the church? Kerry Park! I had my waffle cone with a scoop of strawberry balsamic and earl grey, a stunning view of downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier, boyfriend by my side… It just can’t get better than that.

^^I tried taking candids of him, but he looks like he’s posing in every picture. He probably was…

^^The reception was at a boathouse and we had cocktail hour on the platform over the water. After we went upstairs for dinner, the ducks came up on the platform to play.

^^We wanted to take one last picture of us all dressed up before we changed to get ready for bed. Self-timers FTW!

happy father’s day

father's day

Happy Father’s Day! Everyone is posting their childhood photos with their dad for Father’s Day so here’s mine. My family used to move around a lot so I don’t have too many childhood photos readily accessible. Most of them are still packaged away.. so that if and when we move again, it’s easier to just carry the boxes over rather than box them up again. Boyfriend always complains that he hasn’t seen baby pictures of me. (Not that I wish to share them.. I was an ugly baby). The two pictures of my dad and I above are the only ones I really managed to sneak out of the boxes a few years ago. Maybe when we move again, I’ll rummage through those boxes for more photos.

found a vampire at work

ian somerhalder

This past Friday was probably the most exciting day at work EVER. If you’re friends with me on Facebook and Instagram, you probably saw the picture I took with Ian Somerhalder. Holy cow. I couldn’t concentrate on anything for… oh, I don’t know, maybe like the next hour or so. My face was blushing and I couldn’t stop smiling. And I don’t even watch Vampire Diaries! Can you imagine what a mess I’d be if it was Jake Gyllenhaal or Matt Bomer that walked into my workplace? I would probably be speechless and pass out before I can even say hi.

My sister was beyond ecstatic when she found out since she watches his show religiously with her sorority sisters. (Apparently, they throw some sort of viewing party with dinner every Thursdays? College girls…) Anyways, she would’ve killed me if I didn’t get her an autograph so I had to ask for one. Then, I just casually threw in a photo request. I know, I have no shame. I didn’t care. The last time a celebrity came into my workplace, I was too shy to ask for an autograph or a picture and I completely regretted it afterwards. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. Plus, he was totally cool about me asking for a picture (and the other staff members and two customers who asked after me.. erm, not sure what I started there..)

Don’t worry, boyfriend. I still love you! (: