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chihuly garden + glass

I know my posts have been a bit sparse lately, to the say the least. Hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July weekend! So where did I leave off from our Pacific Northwest adventures…? Oh, yes. The Chihuly Garden & Glass! It was my favorite part of Seattle (besides Faith and Adrian’s wedding, of course)! Oh, and Mt Rainier, too. Can’t forget that.

Before we headed over to the the Space Needle + Chihuly Garden & Glass, we decided to check out one of Tom Douglas’ restaurants, Lola, for brunch. I used to be the girl who would always order pancakes or french toast, but I’m slowly moving over to the savory side of brunch. And I actually like it! (If you know me, you know I’m a picky eater.)

^^We ordered some made to order doughnuts with their seasonal jam and vanilla mascarpone. They shook it up in a brown bag so all of the sugar gets distributed evenly. (I said I’m slowly moving to the savory side of brunch, doesn’t mean I gave up my sweets completely!)
^^Boyfriend ordered Tom’s Big Breakfast | Mediterranean octopus, sugar snap peas, corn, bacon, cilantro, sweet onions, mint yogurt, with a sunny egg, and toast. I had the Wild Mushroom Scramble | fontina, basil with smashed garlic fried potatoes, bacon, and toast. (Their rye toast with butter was awesome!)

Now, onto our visit to Chihuly’s Garden & Glass…

^^Persian seaform ceiling, similar to the one he made for the Bridge of Glass in Tacoma.
^^With the view of the Space Needle in the background.

Everything is made of glass. Each room was jaw-droppingly awesome in person. I can only capture so much with my camera. So, if you’re in Seattle and have some time to spare, head on over!

pike place market

What do you do when you’re visiting a city? Do all the touristy things, of course! I think people would smack me if I said I went to Seattle and didn’t stop by Pike Place Market or the Space Needle. Public markets are always fun to stroll through. It’s always so colorful with their fresh flowers, fruits, homemade jams, and all that good stuff.

^^A sign I found somewhere in the market area. Just a little reminder for everyone (:

^^It was such a beautiful day to walk around Pike Place.

^^Absolutely adore calla lilies. I’ve been appreciating the beauty of flowers more these days. I’m becoming too soft.

^^Korean BBQ, anyone?

^^So, there’s this wall in Pike Place Market that’s called the Gum Wall. Looks like a work of art? Look again closely. It’s all gum that people stuck on. I know, it’s super gross. Of course, boyfriend left his mark on the wall with his gum, too. (My fellow NYC people, do you spy a metrocard on the wall?)

^^The view from the ferris wheel of Mount Rainier behind Safeco Field.

^^We went up to the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center, which offers a spectacular view of the city and the mountains. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mount Rainier. It was so.. grand. Really, the photos don’t do it justice. It looked even more impressive in person. I just fell in love with snow-capped mountains.

^^Well, at least it was the lights on the ‘U’ that went out and not the ‘L’…

I still have so many pictures to post so keep checking back for more! (:


Wow, is it Friday already? Jeez, I was going to put up this post on Tuesday but I had a few errands to run and completely forgot. Last weekend, I finally got to meet up with my girlfriends for brunch in the city. God knows how long it’s been since I’ve seen them. Our work schedules are almost complete opposites so I haven’t had much of an opportunity to see them. Don’t get me wrong – I love spending time with my boyfriend, but a girl needs some girlfriend time occasionally. (;


We met up at Five Points for brunch. Started off with a pitcher of mimosa (and we didn’t get carded! we’re getting old.) I think I have to say that that was the best mimosa I’ve ever had. I probably could have finished the entire pitcher because it was just that good. But then again, it’s best that I didn’t since I was feeling tipsy after a couple of glasses that the waitress kept refilling. After our brunch, we had to walk off what we ate so we headed over to the High Line for a stroll.

^^A billboard along the High Line. True story for New Yorkers.

^^A crowd of people were standing around this statue trying to figure out if it was a statue or one of those living statue street performers. It took one brave little boy to go push the “lady” for everyone to realize it was a statue and for people to go about their strolls again. Turns out there was a plaque for the statue nearby that states that it’s a statue..

^^Beautiful lavender flowers. (The girls were making fun of me taking pictures with my dSLR.)

Missed you girls! We need to plan another get-together soon! (: